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IT Equipment Pick Up & Recycling

Recycle your e-waste free

Your solution for unwanted IT equipment

ECOACTIV Product Recovery programs help to ensure that we collect and recycle unwanted IT equipment so that materials can be reused in the manufacture of new products. Some older IT equipment can also contain hazardous substances and we need to make sure that these are safely managed in an environmentally sound manner. This program is funded by leading IT brands and manufacturers.

What can be collected and recycled for free?

The following types of IT equipment are covered by the service:

  • LCD/FLAT/CRT Monitors
  • Desk Mounted Laser – Copier/Fax/Printer
  • Free Standing Laser – Copier/Fax/Printer
  • Desk Mounted Ink – Copier/Fax/Printer
  • Free Standing Ink – Copier/Fax/Printer
  • Laptops/PC/Desktop/Tower Servers
  • Cabinet Servers
  • Phone (Desk, Mobile & accessories)*
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Miscellaneous IT waste**

*Mobile phones and accessories will be recycled for free by MobileMuster, the official recycling program of the mobile phone industry.

**Please note that televisions, domestic appliances, projectors, game consoles, cameras and other electronic waste will not be accepted as part of this particular service.

Who can register for this free service?

This free IT equipment collection and recycling service is open to small, medium and large companies and organisations, including:

  • Corporates eg. banking, finance & insurance
  • Retailers & distributors
  • Government agencies & public authorities
  • Hospitals & healthcare related organisations
  • NGOs, not-for-profits & institutions
  • Manufacturers – small, medium & large
  • Schools, TAFEs & universities
  • Consulting, legal & accounting firms
  • ICT solutions & storage providers
  • Film, audio, print & media production

The service is not currently open to the general public or householders.

Time is limited so register today

Once your organisation has registered for the ECOACTIV service, you will be contacted within 5 business days to confirm eligibility and/or confirm a pick-up date.

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Click here to register
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More information

If you fall outside these areas, and have sufficient quantity of product, please contact us to confirm whether we can help. Call the ECOACTIV helpdesk to check: 1800 489 278.
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The security of any data stored on your IT equipment, phones or storage mediums should be carefully managed. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure all data is wiped or erased  from the device(s) before it is collected for recycling. Information and software related to data wiping and erasure can be found on the following sites:  BlanccoActive@KillDisk and Eraser.  However, any data that cannot be removed from IT equipment or mobiles will be destroyed during the recycling process.

A comprehensive article on ‘How to securely erase your hard drive’ can be found at PCWorld.

Minimum quantities apply to be eligible for this free service. One of the following measures must apply:

  • At least 1 pallet; or
  • At least 100 Kgs; or
  • At least 15 display monitors; or
  • At least 15 printers and/or scanners; or
  • At least 15 laptops and/or desktop towers; or
  • At least 10 cabinet servers; or
  • At least 25 miscellaneous IT items or accessories regardless of weight

If you are unsure about whether your quantity meets any of the above amounts, please contact the ECOACTIV helpdesk on 1800 489 278. We may be able to assist with other solutions.

All IT equipment, mobile phones and accessories will be recycled by a specialist e-waste recycler (TES-AMM) with more than 90% of the materials recovered. The recycler’s Environmental Management System is independently certified to ISO14001 and R2, and audited to AS/NZS 5377:2013. Nothing is resold or reused. Once your unwanted equipment has been recycled you will receive a certificate of participation acknowledging your organisation’s e-waste recycling activities.